28 on the 28th

It’s my 28th birthday today! I am 28 on the 28th of October. So today I thought I’d share with you 28 facts about me so maybe you’ll feel like you know me a little bit better!

1. I am a baptized believer. I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins, was buried, and rose again and wants to have a relationship with you too!

2. I am a momma to a beautiful toddler girl and a handsome baby boy.

3. My husband and I have been married five years and together for nine. We met in high school and started dating the summer after I graduated.

I loved my lace wedding dress!

4. I have a degree in Elementary Education and taught first grade for 4 years. Teaching will always have a special place in my heart.

5. I’m the oldest child in my family and I have 3 younger sisters.

6. I used to want to be a country singer when I grew up. I won talent shows when I was young and still love to sing. I like ton sing in our worship band at church.

7. My go-to Starbucks drink is cold brew with a few pumps of vanilla and some cream. I also love a good caramel macchiato and their pumpkin cream cold brew.

8. I can’t swim. At least, not well. I think I could swim enough to save my own life but I don’t want to find out.

9. I hate spiders.

10. I love Mexican food.

11. My husband and I have been on 4 Caribbean cruises in the past 5 years.We fell in love with cruising on our honeymoon and hope to go on many more.

A photo from dinner in Miami the night after we got married and the night before we boarded our cruise for our honeymoon.

12. My favorite color is aqua blue, like the Caribbean waters. I also love various shades of white and cream.

13. It’s a dream of mine to build a white farmhouse on a piece of land where I could sip sweet tea on a porch swing.

14. I have a collection of Rae Dunn dishes and mugs that I love and actually use all of the time.

15. Lighting a great smelling candle is so cozy to me. And diffusing lavender essential oil at night.

16. Summer and fall are tied for my favorite seasons.

17. I’ve seen The Office all of the way through many times. My husband is an ultimate fan of the show and we love to watch it in our spare time.

18. I graduated college with the highest distinction, Summa Cum Laude.

19. I was in show choir and musicals in high school.

20. I have a minor in Journalism.

21. I love a good chick flick (The Notebook and Sweet Home Alabama are two of my favs) but also love a good sci-fi or action movie.

22. I get a lot of my clothes from Goodwill. I love shopping secondhand and don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes. You can find so many cute things if you take the time to look!

23. Speaking of Goodwill, I love thrifting. Most of my furniture and home decor are thrifted.

24. Anything coconut or maple flavored I will probably like.

25. I would love to get more into gardening.

26. I would love to turn blogging and my Instagram into a career someday but if not, that’s ok too. I know whatever God has planned for me is so much greater than my own plans.

27. I struggle with anxiety.

28. I hope that I can be a light for Christ and share His love in this dark world.

I hope you feel like you know me a little bit better. Maybe we can be friends! Follow me on Instagram @faith.and.farmhouse to see more or me and my love of decorating!

Thanks for reading! God bless!