My Favorite Farmhouse Exteriors

Today I’m dreaming about a white farmhouse in the country. Something about being stuck at home with a newborn during quarantine makes me dream about the future, and a white farmhouse on a piece of land is one of those dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, I am SO thankful that God has blessed me with so much and I LOVE our home. We have almost an acre, not in a subdivision, that is absolutely beautiful and perfect for our family. Our hope though is to someday be able to build a home on an even larger piece of land. Preferably with a bit of woods where my husband can hunt and more space for a larger garden and land where our kids can run and explore. But I would be happy even if God doesn’t have that in store for us, because His plan for our lives is always so much greater than our own.

Today, just for fun, I’ve been looking up white farmhouses and I’ve rounded up my favorite farmhouse-style exteriors. My absolute favorite is the Four Gables plan shown in the first photo, but there are so many amazing exteriors to choose from if you’re building one of your own.

I only included white farmhouses that had some kind of porch. White screams classic farmhouse to me and what’s a farmhouse without a porch to swing and sip sweet tea on? I hope you think these are as beautiful as I do and enjoy some farmhouse eye candy today!

Source: @farmlivinginspades
Source: @farmville_house
Source: @whitetailfarmhouse
Source: America’s Best House Plans
Source: @vintage_north
Source: @jettsetfarmhouse
Source: @lifeonacountryroad
Source: @farmhouse4010
Source: @myartisanhome
Source: @ahoneyofafarmhouse
Source: @homesbygardengate

Thanks for reading! God bless!